Last Minute Information



Sunday August 16 at 8:45AM & 10:30AM

The time is almost upon us. Baptisms are here! 
Here are some last-minute details you need to know before tomorrow.

1.) Please be here at least 25 minutes before service begins.  If you are being baptized first service, please be here at 8:20AM and for second service, please be here at 10:05AM. 

First Service Baptisms


Second Service Baptisms

Farrah Jane

2.) When arriving, please see P. Peter, who will be by the sound booth in the back of the auditorium.  He will have your free baptism shirt to wear for your baptisms

3.) Please remember to bring an extra change of clothes, towel, and flip-flops/sandals to walk from the baptism tank to the bathroom (it’s slippery). 

4.) We will be taking a group baptism photo with the pastors on the platform before service begins

5.) Wear comfortable clothes like a t-shirt and longer shorts. Make sure your clothing is thick or dark enough so it will not become see-through after getting wet. If you wear loose clothing, make sure it stays down and provides sufficient coverage throughout the water baptism process.

6.)Please have guests of your baptism come early for good seats. 

7.) We will provide you pictures and a video of your baptism.  P. Peter will be putting it together and will e-mail it to you.

Please call or text P. Peter at 973-369-2404 with any questions you may have.

We will see you tomorrow!

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