ALIGNMENT Everyone Pulling in the Same Direction

Alignment simply means everyone pulling in the same direction. Disunity causes confusion, wastes energy,
and limits effectiveness. Our goal is for LC3 CHURCH to be both unified as believers and aligned with God’s
purpose for our church. Different churches appeal to different people. That doesn’t mean that one is right and
the other wrong, it just means that they’re different. If LC3 CHURCH is not your particular flavor or style, no
hard feelings. In fact, we would love to help you find a church that better fits you.

INVOLVEMENT Belong and Contribute

LC3 CHURCH is not a place to just sit and watch. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we have a
place for you to belong and contribute. You were crafted with a purpose. Your passions, abilities, and
experiences uniquely qualify you for a specific role in the kingdom of God. When you become a part of LC3
Church, we’ll help you find what that is. Imagine being part of a church where you can discover your calling
and be used by God to bless others. That is LC3 CHURCH. Together, there is no limit to what God can do

CHANGE Healthy things grow and growing things change

Healthy things grow, and growing things change. If you are resistant to change, then LC3 CHURCH is probably
not the place for you. Our church will never be static, not now or 20 years from now. As culture evolves and
our church grows, we may alter the methods, but we will never change the message. An openness to change
is deeply ingrained in our identity and philosophy. God has called us to be a movement, not a monument.

COLLABORATION Build Bridges Together

If somebody broke into your house to steal, kill, and destroy your family, what would you do? Would you
attack your brother? Of course not, you would join with your family and fight off the enemy. Why does the
body of Christ waste energy competing with each other instead of working together? LC3 CHURCH is all about
building bridges with other believers, churches, and our community to make an eternal difference. It’s time
for the body of Christ to work together.

ADVENTURE Take Spirit‐Led Risks

It’s tragic that so many Christians reduce their relationships with God down to a set of mundane rituals, and
unimaginative routines. The Christian life should be an exhilarating quest…a fulfilling adventure. Jesus doesn’t
call you to play it safe…He calls you to live on the edge! Taking calculated, spirit‐led risk is, and always will be,
a part of our DNA. The God of the universe has called us to take part in His mission. We invite you to join us on
the adventure of a lifetime.


In Acts 1:8 as Jesus sent His disciples out to reach a disconnected culture He said, “You will receive power
when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the
ends of the earth.” Jesus Himself set up a model for multiplication that we follow still today. LC3 Church will
always be a church that is focused on reproducing leaders, planting churches, and spreading the
gospel. Igniting a movement happens through multiplication!

DIVERSITY We are Better Together

We don’t just tolerate our differences; we celebrate them and fight for unity in the midst of diversity. In our
world, there is so much polarization and divide. Now more than ever it is critical for the body of Jesus — the
local church — to exemplify His mission to bring together all people and celebrate the uniqueness He designed
us with. God calls us to come together in our diversity and build His church in His image, from every tribe,
tongue, and nation (Revelation 7:9).

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